Past Speakers

Steve Brobeck, Executive Director, Consumer Federation of America (4/26/2002)

Dr. John H. Budd, President, American Medical Association (11/17/1977)

Bob Chase, President, National Education Association (6/8/2001)

Thomas J. Donohue, President, American Trucking Association (9/13/1985)

Roger Dow, President, U.S. Travel Association (07/07/2017)

Jack N. Gerard, President and CEO, American Petroleum Institute (4/17/2012)

Jerry J. Jasinowski, President, National Association of Manufacturers (9/30/1994)

Dr. Richard L. Lesher, President, U.S. Chamber of Commerce (1/18/1985)

Larry E. Naake, Executive Director, National Association of Counties (2/2/1996)

Jesse Rosen, President & CEO, League of American Orchestras (4/1/2019)

Donald T. Senterfitt, President, American Bankers Association (5/9/1986)

Randolph Smoak, President, American Medical Association (3/8/2001)

Sen. Richard Schweiker, President, American Council of Life Insurance (3/13/1992)

Chris Thompson, President & CEO, Brand USA (8/05/2020)

Frank DiBello, President & CEO, Space Florida (7/7/2015)

James W. Kennedy, Director, Kennedy Space Center, NASA (4/28/2005)

James A. Lovell, Astronaut who landed on the Moon (9/8/1978)

William F. Readdy, Astronaut and Associate Administrator, NASA Office of space Flight (1/15/2004)

Norman Thagard, Astronaut who made five flights on the space shuttle and spent 115 days on the Russian space station Mir (3/1/1996)

Matt Behnke, CPA, Associate Athletic Director and CFO, Florida State University Department of Athletics (7/25/2013)

Jack Boyle, Co-President, Direct-to-Consumer/Omnichannel Retail, Fanatics, Inc. (9/27/2019)

Grayson Brutle, Co-Founder & President, Brulte & Company (7/29/2019)

Richard A. Caplin, CEO, HCI Group (3/29/2021)

Gary Chartrand, Executive Chairman, Acosta, Inc. (3/21/2017)

Chuck Cobb, Chairman, President and CEO of Arvida Corp/CEO/Sr. Managing Director, Cobb Partners. (8/15/1980 and 9/20/206)

Francis E. Ferguson, Chairman, Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company (1/13/1984)

Andrew Friedman, Co-Founder & Senior Director, Freedman & Koski, Inc. (5/30/2019)

Patrick "Pat" Geraghty, Chairman and CEO, Florida Blue (2/18/2014)

Raymond V. Gilmartin, Chairman and CEO, Merck & Company, Inc (6/18/2003)

Barry Gilway, President & CEO, Citizens Property Insurance Corp (07/10/2014)

James Hackett, Chairman, President and CEO, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation (2/26/2009)

Gary R. Heminger, President & CEO, Marathon Petroleum Corporation (3/20/2015)

Erik Jacobsen, President, Deseret Ranches and General Manager, Deseret Ranches of Florida (11/14/2016)

Todd Jones, President & CEO, Publix Super Markets, Inc. (10/05/2017)

Jonathan Kilpatrick, Founder & CEO, Trulight, LLC (09/30/2020)

Walter O. Lowrie, President, Martin-Marietta Aerospace (9/22/1983)

Robert W. Lundeen, Chairman, Dow Chemical Company (3/8/1985)

Manuel D. Medina, CEO of Cyxtera; Founder and Managing Partner, Medina Capital (8/27/2019)

Fielding Miller, Chairman & CEO, CAPTRUST (12/02/2020)

Ed Murray, Jr., President/Broker/Owner, NAI TALCOR (7/25/2013)

Albert F. Myers, Vice President for Test Operations, Northrop Corporation (5/10/1991)

Wayne Peacock, President, USAA Property & Casualty Insurance Group (06/07/2018)

Rob Quartel, Founder & Chairman, NTELX (6/15/2020)

Ross Roberts, General Manager, Lincoln-Mercury Division, Ford Motor Company (11/9/1990)

Michelle A. Robinson, Vice President, Government Affairs, Verizon (5/18/2015)

Peter Rummell, Chairman, The St. Joe Company (11/22/2002)

Dr. William C. Rupp, CEO, Mayo Clinic in Florida (3/13/2014)

Roger Staubach, Chairman and CEO, The Staubach Company (3/26/2003)

Karen Tandy, Vice President, Public Affairs, Motorola (11/12/2010)

Sidney Taurel, Chairman and CEO, Eli Lilly and Company (9/8/2006)

John Thompson, General Manager, IBM North America (2/13/1998)

Jay Townsend, Assistant City Manager, City of Tallahassee (7/25/2013)

Bernard R. Tresnowski, President and CEO, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (3/11/1994)

Bill Wagner, President & CEO, LogMeIn, Inc. (11/04/2020)

Dr. Daniel Yergin, Vice Chairman, IHS Markit (5/29/2020)

Larry Zelvin, Director, Citi's Cyber Security Fusion Center (9/21/2015)

Jonathan Altman, Senior Analyst/Assistant Program Director for Military Strategy and Communications, Systems Planning and Analysis, Inc. (1/13/2017)

Rear Admiral Bette Bolivar, Commander, Navy Region Southeast (04/09/2018)

General James Cartwright, Vice Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff (2/18/2011)

Rear Admiral Jay M. Cohen, Chief of Naval Research, U.S. Navy (10/23/2003)

John H. Dalton, Secretary of the Navy (1/26/1996)

Richard DeLaur, Undersecretary of Defense (2/24/1984)

Thomas F. Hall, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs (10/29/2004)

General James J. Lindsay, Commander in Chief, U.S. Special Operations Command (12/2/1988)

Mary Beth Long, Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs (9/5/2008)

General Lance W. Lord, Commander, Air Force Space Command, USAF (1/13/2004)

Vice Admiral Joseph Maguire, Deputy Director for Strategic Operational Planning, National Counterterrorism Center (4/16/2009)

Thomas W. O'Connell, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations and Low-Intensity Conflict (4/27/2007)

Steven Pomerantz, Former Assistant Director, FBI; Director of Counter Terrorism and CEO, Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (4/3/2008)

Erik D. Prince, Owner and CEO, The Prince Group, LLC and Blackwater Worldwide (3/14/2008)

Lawrence F. Snowden, Lieutenant General, U.S. Marine Corps (ret) and U.S. Chairman of the Reunion of Honor (1/28/2005)

General Donn A. Starry, Commander in Chief, U.S. Readiness Command (12/9/1982)

Brian Stahl, Deputy Base Civil Engineer, Tyndall Air Force Base (8/26/2020)

Admiral Carl Trost, Chief of Naval Operations (10/14/1994)

General Larry D. Welch, Chief of Staff , U.S. Air Force (2/9/1990)

General Anthony C. Zinni, USMC (ret), Special Presidential Envoy to the Middle East (8/23/2002)

John Bolton, Senior Fellow, American Enterprise Institute and former U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations (4/9/2009)

Rafael Caldera, Former President, Republic of Venezuela (6/19/1984)

Chuck Cobb, Former U.S. Ambassador to Iceland, and Sr. Managing Director/CEO, Cobb Partners (9/20/2016)

Allan Katz, U.S. Ambassador to Portugal (9/11/2012)

Michael A. Ledeen, Resident Scholar, American Enterprise Institute and International Affairs Expert (2/17/2005)

William Middendorf, U.S. Ambassador to Organization of American States (4/20/1984)

Kenichiro Sasae, Japanese Ambassador to the U.S. (11/13/2015)

Marshall D. Shulman, Ambassador, Special Advisor to the Secretary of State on Soviet Affairs (3/7/1980)

Donald B. Sole, South African Ambassador to the U.S. (5/4/1979)

Ronald P. Spogli, former Ambassador to San Marino and Italy (11/17/2020)

Sir Roger Tomkys, Master Pembroke College and former Ambassador to Syria (2/13/2002)

Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America (10/14/2020)

Kurt Waldheim, Secretary General, United Nations (2/11/1983)

General Anthony Zinni, Special Presidential Envoy to the Middle East (8/23/2002)

Wayne Angell, Vice Chair, Federal Reserve System (10/9/1986)

Robert W. Blanchette, President & CEO, The TGV Comapny (2/11/1987)

Raphael Bostic, President & CEO, Federal Reserve of Atlanta (7/16/2020)

Nikita Chernovalov, Strategy and Business Innovation Manager, Fagerhult Group (10/10/2016)

Steve Einhorn, Economist, Goldman Sachs & Company (1/4/1991)

Timothy Geithner, President, Warburg Pincus; former U.S. Treasury Secretary (3/1/2017)

Richard A. Grasso, Chairman and CEO, New York  Stock Exchange (3/13/2000)

Dr. Armand Hammer, Chairman, Occidental Petroleum Corp. (9/21/1979)

Robert D. Hormats, Vice Chair, Goldman Sachs International (6/30/1994)

Arthur Laffer, Professor of Economics, University of Southern California (3/8/79 and 1/8/1993)

Bert Lance, Director, U.S. Office of Management and Budget (11/17/1978)

Kewsong Lee, Co-CEO, The Carlyle Group (5/6/2020)

Jacob Lew, 76th United States Secretary of Treasury (4/27/2021)

Sir Raymond Derek Lygo, CEO, British Aerospace, London (1/23/1987)

Paul W. McCracken, Chairman, President’s Council of Economic Advisors (5/5/1995)

Gregory L. Miller, First Vice President and Chief Economist, SunTrust Banks, Inc. (10/14/2004)

William Miller, former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, Chairman, G. William Miller, Inc. (10/14/1988)

James E. Nevels, Chairman, The Swarthmore Group; Lead Independent Director, The Hershey Company (5/26/2016)

Leon E. Panetta, Director, U. S. Office of Management and Budget (10/22/1993)

Peter G. Peterson, Chairman, Lehman Brothers Kuhn Loeb, Inc., and former Secretary of Commerce (5/19/1983)         

John Phelan Jr., President, New York  Stock Exchange (11/29/1983)

W.J. Price, President & CEO, Chevron, USA (6/28/1991)

Richard Rahn, Chief Economist, U.S. Chamber of Commerce  (11/20/1987 and 5/13/1993)

Kimberly Reed, President & Chair, EXIM Bank (10/07/2020)

Dr. Walter L. Robb, President, Vantage Management, Inc. (9/6/2007)

Charles L. Schultze, Chairman, President’s Council of Economic Advisors (10/27/1980)

Susan N. Story , President & CEO, Gulf Power Company (5/17/2007)

Ali Velshi, MSNBC Anchor and Business Correspondent for NBC News (10/8/2018)

Greg Vestri, Co-Founder, Vestment Global Services (2/19/2018)

David Walker, former U.S. Comptroller General (06/17/2013)

Ed Yardeni, Chief Economist and Managing Director, Deutsche Bank Securities (12/15/1998)

John Parke Wright, IV, Chairman, J.P. Wright & Comapny, Inc. (1/18/2007)

Mark Vitner, Senior Economist & Director of Corporate & Investment Banking, Wachovia Corporation (01/29/2004)

Paul Volker, former Chairman, Federal Reserve System (6/21/2000)

Dr. Manuel F. Ayau, President, Universidad Francisco Marroquin, Guatemala (9/25/1981)

Eric J. Barron Ph.D., President, Florida State University (10/7/2010)

Frank T. Brogan, Chancellor, State University System of Florida (6/2/2011)

Marshall Criser, III, Chancellor, State University System of Florida (8/14/2014)

Talbot “Sandy” D'Alemberte, President, Florida State University (8/31/2000)

David Day, Director, Office of Technology Licensing, University of Florida (4/21/2014)

Joseph A. Fernandez, Chancellor, New York City Public Schools (4/10/1992)

Dr. W. Kent Fuchs, President, University of Florida (2/14/2017)

Dr. Fred Gainous, President, Florida A&M University (10/232002)

Dr. Harry Holzer, Senior Advisor, Georgetown Public Policy Insitute (11/22/2019)

John Kirtley, Co-Founder, KLH Capital (4/26/2016)

John Lombardi, President, University of Florida (11/30/1990 & 7/25/1997)

Dr. J. Bernard Machen, President, University of Florida (6/11/2004)

Dr. Elmira Mangum, President, Florida A&M University (6/3/2014)

Jamie Merisotis, President and CEO, Lumina Foundation (2/1/2013)

Cynthia F. O'Connell, Secretary, Florida Lottery (7/29/2011)

Jorge Pinon, Interim Director, Center for International Energy and Environmental Policy, University of Texas at Austin (1/71/2016)

Ed Poppell, Director of Economic Development, University of Florida Development Corporation (4/21/2014)

Madeline Pumariega, President, Miami-Dade College (12/16/2020)

Dr. Charles Reed, Chancellor Emeritus, California State University system and State University System of Florida (4/19/2013)

Dr. Larry Robinson, 12th President of Florida A&M University (FAMU) (10/27/2020)

Mark Rosenberg, Chancellor, Florida State University System (4/20/2006)

John Ryor, President, National Education Association (12/1/1977)

Donna Shalala, President, University of Miami (10/10/2003)

Albert Shanker, President, American Federation of Teachers (3/22/1996)

Dr. Henry King Stanford, President, University of Miami (5/8/1981)

John Thrasher, President, Florida State University (2/3/2015)

Theodore R. Aronson, President & CEO, Aronson + Partners (1/11/2002)

Ralph J. Acampora, Director of Technical Research, Prudential Securities, Inc (4/25/1997)

Wayne D. Angell, former Vice Chair, Federal Reserve System and Chief Economist, Bear, Stearns & Co. (10/9/1986 and 2/1/1995)

Kevin J. Bannon, Executive V.P. and Chief Investment Officer, Bank of New York (4/2/2004)

Greg Baty, Principal, Hamilton Lane (10/13/2014)

John C. Bogle, Founder, The Vanguard Group (1/13/2000)

Peter Canelo, President and Chief Investment Strategist, Canelo Associates, Inc. (3/1/2007)

Lawrence Chimerine, Chairman and CEO, The WEFA Group (1/13/1989)

Charles I. Clough, Jr., Chief Investment Strategist, Merrill Lynch (1/8/1998)

Abby Cohen, Vice President, Goldman Sachs & Co. (11/2/1995)

Ricardo L. Cortez, President, Global Distribution, Broadmark Asset Management, LLC (5/20/2010)

Thomas Doe, Founder and CEO, Municipal Market Advisors (3/14/2013)

Benjamin F. Edwards III, President, A.G. Edwards and Sons (12/12/1980)

Robert J. Eggert, President, Eggert Economic Enterprises, Inc. (2/10/1989)

Mary Farrell, Senior Investment Strategist, Paine, Webber, Inc. (1/17/1997)

Robert J. Farrell, Chief Market Analyst, Merrill Lynch (3/25/1981)

Laurence D. Fink, Founder, Chairman and CEO, BlackRock, Inc. (6/21/2016)

William M. Fitzgerald, Chief Investment Officer, Nuveen (7/12/2007)

Robert J. Froelich, Managing Director, Deutsche Asset Management Americas (6/13/2002)

Elaine Garzarelli, Executive Vice President and Investment Strategist, Shearson Lehman Brothers (1/31/1992 & 10/14/1993)

James K. Glassman, Host, TechCentralStation, New York (7/20/2000)

Alfred Harrison, Vice Chairman, Alliance Capital Management (4/3/1996)

Ira Hersch, President, The Fourteen Research Corp. (1/12/1995, 10/6/2000, 10/30/2001 & 07/22/2005)

Kent Hiteshew, Strategic Advisor, Ernst & Young (10/20/2017)

Richard F. Hokenson, Chief Economist, Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette (9/13/1996 & 3/25/2004)

Edward S. Hyman, Chairman, International Strategy & Investment Group (4/25/1991)

Harry A. Jacobs, Chairman, Prudential Bache Securities (8/19/1983)

Edward D. Jannotta, Chairman, Securities Industry Association and Managing Partner, William Blair and Company (10/8/1982)

David Johnson, CBS-KRLD Business Analyst (3/26/2009)

Bruce Johnstone, Managing Director, Fidelity Investments (11/2/2006)

Henry Kaufman, General Partner, Salomon Brothers (2/12/1981)

Sandy Kaul, Mangaing Director, Citi Global Services (1/10/2019)

Dr. Quincy Krosby, Chief Investment Strategist, The Hartford (1/13/2005)

Ronald J. Kruszewski, Chairman & CEO, Stifel Financial Corp. (3/2/2020)

Alan C. Lerner, Chief Economist, Bankers Trust Company (10/27/1988)

Louis I. Margolis, Managing Partner, Solomon Brothers, Inc. (2/26/1988)

Michael E. Metz, Chief Investment Strategist, Oppenheimer & Co. (2/15/1996)

Adebayo O. Ogunlesi, Chairman and Managing Partner, Global Infrastructure Partners (5/24/2013)

William F. Rhodes, Vice President, U.S. Advisor Services, Franklin Templeton (9/24/2009)

Philip J. Roth, Technical Analyst, Miller Tabak + Co., LLC (9/19/2002)

David M.Rubenstein, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, The Carlyle Group (5/6/2014)

Paul Salem, Senior Managing Director, Providence Equity Partners (1/31/2014)

Jeffrey D. Saut, Chief Investment Strategist and Managing Director, Equity Research, Raymond James & Associates, Inc. (1/10/2008)

Pete Seeley, Executive Director and Director of Investment Strategies, Morgan Stanley Investment Management (10/29/2009)

Sarah A. B. Teslik, Executive Director, Council of Institutional Investors (7/10/2003)

Lord Taylor, House of Lords, Chairman, Morgan Grenfell & Company, London (5/22/1985)

Bill Walton, Founding Managing Member, Rockpoint Group, LLC (9/11/2014)

Sam Wardwell, Senior Vice President and Director of Investment Communications, Pioneer Investments (10/9/2008 & 1/28/2010)

Scott Welch, Senior Managing Director, Fortigent, LLC (6/5/2008)

Byron Wien, Vice Chairman, Blackstone (02/08/2018) (01/19/2021)

Ash Williams, Executive Director and Chief Investment Officer, State of Florida Board of Administration (04/16/2010)

David A. Wilson, Jr., Senior Director - Research, Portfolio Strategist, Merrill Lynch (5/25/2006)

Walter Anderson, Editor, Parade Magazine (2/22/1991)

John P. Avlon, Columnist, The New York Sun and former Speechwriter for Mayor Guiliani (7/30/2004)

David S. Broder, syndicated columnist, The Washington Post (7/9/1993 & 3/14/2002)

Carl M. Cannon, Executive Editor, (7/30/2010)

Hodding Carter III, President & CEO, John S. and James L. Knight Foundation (11/7/2002)

Alvah H. Chapman, Jr., Chairman and CEO, Knight-Ridder Newspapers (4/26/1985)

Steve Coll, Associate Editor, The Washington Post (9/15/2005)

Patrick Dorsey, Publisher at Statesman Media; Vice President at GateHouse Florida (7/10/2019)

Richard Edmonds, Editor and Publisher, Florida Trend Magazine (3/18/1986)

Marilyn Geewax, Senior Business Editor, National Public Radio (9/8/2016)

Diana B. Henriques, Financial Reporter, The New York Times (03/13/2003)

Mark Howard, Editor, Florida Trend Magazine (9/26/2003)

Carl Hulse, Deputy Washington Bureau Chief, The New York Times (11/21/2011)

Alberto Ibarguen, President & CEO, The John S. and James L. Knight Foundtaion (10/8/2019)

Lynda Keever, Publisher, Florida Trend Magazine (9/26/2003)

David Lawrence, Jr., Publisher and Chairman, Detroit Free Press (10/31/1986)

Miles O'Brien, Former CNN chief science correspondent (9/23/2010)

Susan Page, Washington Bureau Chief, USA Today (3/14/2016)

Eugene Patterson, Editor and President, St. Petersburg Times (11/13/1991)

Allen M. Neuharth, founder of USA Today and President, Gannett Newspapers (2/9/1978 & 12/30/1986)

Anthony Ridder, President, Knight-Ridder Newspapers (1/10/1992)

Jon Sawyer, Executive Director, Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting (10/23/2015)

Paul C. Tash, Chairman & CEO, Tampa Bay Times (08/29/2013)

Paul Anderson, Pres/CEO, Port Tampa Bay (08/17/2017)

Lee Bailey, Trial Lawyer (2/26/1999)

Robert S. Bennett, Partner, Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, LLP (11/3/2005)

Jon Birger, FORTUNE Contributor, Freelance Journalist and Author (2/11/2016)

Pam Bondi, Florida Attorney General (5/7/2012)

Congressman F. Allen Boyd, Jr., Second Congressional District, Florida (8/23/2007)

Carol M. Browner, Administrator, EPA (5/28/1998)

Bob Buckhorn, Mayor, Tampa, Florida (10/4/2013)

Jeb Bush, Governor, State of Florida (1/15/2003)

Johnnie Byrd, Speaker, Florida House of Representatives (2/20/2003)

Linda Chavez, President, U.S. English (9/23/1986)

Susan Dentzer, Editor-in-Chief, Health Affairs Magazine (2/25/2010)

Ron DeSantis, Governor, State of Florida (2/20/2019)

Roger Dow, President/CEO, U.S. Travel Association (07/7/2017)

Frank J. Fahrenkopf, Jr., Chairman, Republican National Committee (9/18/1987)

Ted C. Fishman, Author, China, Inc. and Shock of Gray (11/30/2012)

George Friedman, CEO, Statfor and author, The Next 100 Years: A Forecast for the 21st Century (2/11/2009)

Tom Gallagher, Chief Financial Officer, State of Florida (5/28/2003)

Don Gaetz, Florida Senate President (11/4/2013)

Stuart Graff, President, Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation (06/01/2017)

Sen. Bob Graham, (2/19/2004 & 1/14/2011)

William H. Gray III, President and CEO, The College Fund/UNCF (10/11/1996)

Peter D. Hart, President and CEO, Hart Research (3/6/1997)

Yoram Hessel, Former Head, Global Operations, Intelligence and Foreign Relations, The Mossad (10/26/2011)

Clark Hoyt, Public Editor, The New York Times (10/23/2008)

Toni Jennings, Lieutenant Governor, State of Florida (3/11/2004)

Rhoda H. Karapatkin, President, Consumers Union of the United States (10/2/1992)

James E. "Jim" King, President, Florida Senate (4/11/2003)

Claude Kirk, Former Florida Governor (3/31/2006)

William Kristol, Chairman, Project for the Republican Future (2/23/1995)

John C. Lawn, Administrator, Drug Enforcement Agency (10/7/1988)

Hon. Laurel Lee, Florida's Secretary of State (6/23/2020)

John Lenczowski, Founder and President, Institute of World Politics (10/5/2006)

Sen. Mel Martinez, Former United States Senator (10/31/2019)

Norman Y. Mineta, Chairman, Hill and Knowton, former U. S. Secretary of Transportation (2/21/2007)

James T. "Tim" Moore, Commissioner, Florida Department of Law Enforcement (4/12/2002)

Dr. Nancy Nielsen, President-Elect, AMA (1/24/2008)

Bill Nelson, Senator, United States Senate (8/31/2005)

Michael Novak, Director, Social & Political Studies, American Enterprise Institute (3/5/1988 & 2/1619/90)

Sam Nunn, former Senator, United States Senate, Co-chair, Nuclear Threat Initiative (3/1/2006)

Mark O'Bryant, Chief Executive Officer and President, Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare (11/13/2003)

Father Valentine Peter, Executive Director, Father Flanagan's Boys Town (2/3/1993)

Kevin Phillips, President, American Political Research Corp. (3/3/1988)

Ricky Polston, Florida Supreme Court Justice (07/31/2018)

Adam Putnam, Florida Commissioner of Agriculture (10/10/2012 and 4/28/2015)

Pat Robertson, President, Christian Broadcasting Network (6/11/1986)

Sharon L. Roush, Chief Executive Officer, Capital Regional Medical Center (11/13/2003)

Phyllis Schlafly, Chairman, Stop ERA (1/20/1982)

Rick Scott, Governor, State of Florida (9/6/2011)

Alex Sink, Chief Financial Officer, Florida Department of Financial Services (3/15/2007)

Dr. John T. Sinnott, Director, USF, Division of Infectious Diseases and International Medicine, Tampa, General Hospital (3/9/2006)

Eleanor Smeal, President of NOW (12/4/1981)

Leonard Steinhorn, Professor of Communications and Affiliate Professor of History, American University (7/7/2016)

Stuart Strahl, President and CEO, Audubon of Florida (2/21/2002)

Sidney Taurel, Chairman, Eli Lilly & Company (9/8/2006)

Larry D. Thompson, Deputy Attorney General of the United States (5/2/2002)

Guy Tunnell, Commissioner and Executive Director, Florida Department of Law Enforcement (8/6/2004)

Christine Todd Whitman, former New Jersey Governor and former EPA Administrator (5/30/2007)

Charles Wells, former Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice (9/20/2013)

Andrew Young, Chairman, Law Companies International and former Ambassador to the United Nations (2/28/1992 & 3/24/1995)

Mark A. Emmert, Ph.D., President, NCAA (1/30/2012)

Sir Craig Reedie, V. P. Executive Board, International Olympic Committee and Past Chairman of the British Olympic Association (4/21/2021)

Bud Selig, Baseball Commissioner and owner, Milwaukee Brewers (3/23/1995)

Roger Staubach, Chairman & CEO, The Staubach Company (3/26/2003)

George Steinbrenner, owner, New York Yankees (3/12/1982)

John D. Swofford, Commissioner, Atlantic Coast Conference (5/13/2005)

Don Yaeger, Inspirational Speaker and Best-selling Author (11/24/2014)