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The Economic Club of Florida’s membership includes nearly 400 of the Who’s Who of Florida’s capital city, including leaders from across government, education, and business. From past Governors, Cabinet members, and Supreme Court justices to owners, chairs, and CEOs of companies and organizations, our membership includes a diverse group of business, civic, association, academic, government, and nonprofit leaders, as well as philanthropists, concerned citizens, and emerging young professionals and student leaders.

When you join the Economic Club of Florida, you will stand among leaders in major fields ranging from education and government to business and service. We invite you to become a part of our well-established community and join us at our next monthly luncheon meeting.

Member Benefits

  • Hear industry and public-sector experts speak about important economic matters and business trends
  • Enjoy unparalleled networking opportunities with colleagues and peers at luncheon events
  • Become up to date on relevant and timely topics
  • Interact with a broad range of members across various industries and public agencies
  • Participate in speed mentoring events with other Club members
  • Receive a membership certificate suitable for framing
  • Receive a branded Economic Club of Florida lapel pin or coffee mug

Membership Levels

Regular Member

One-year membership open to anyone. One-time Initiation fee of $100, plus annual dues of $360.

Sustaining Member

Annual membership open to corporations and individuals who wish to provide additional support to the Club. One-time initiation fee of $200, sustaining annual contribution of $100 thereafter, plus annual dues of $360. Sustaining members will be listed on the Club website, invited to sit at the head table, and be the focus of a “Member Spotlight.”

Dues may be paid quarterly ($90); semiannually ($180); or annually ($360). Dues include meals for all luncheon programs and may be paid online using a credit card, or by mailing a check.

Non-resident or Virtual Member

If you live more than 50 miles from Tallahassee, you can still join the Club by paying a one-time initiation fee of $100 plus annual dues of $100, in addition to a food charge for each luncheon attended.


Guests are welcome to attend any luncheon or register to participate in any virtual speaker presentation. Fee: $30

Current Members

Current members are welcome to pay their dues online by clicking here:

Membership Dues and Other Payments
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If you are passionate about improving your understanding of your business, the State of Florida, and the world by informing yourself about economic issues that address challenges and drive positive change, then you’ll want to join ECF.

While most topics will naturally address many political issues, the Club is not a political organization and is non-partisan.

It’s easy. Go to the Join Today or the Membership page and follow the instructions for joining the Club. Fill out a simple application and submit your initiation fee electronically or mail a check to the Club.

Yes. You may choose to pay your dues annually, semiannually, or quarterly. You can pay online, by check or cash in person at the beginning of a meeting or by mail.

Yes. We take PayPal and all major credit cards, including American Express, MasterCard, and Visa online and in person.

Please call or email the Club Coordinator and let them know you are interested in becoming a Sustaining Member. Or you can go to the Membership page and hit the button to Become a Sustaining Member”. Then submit your additional dues payment of $100 annually (in addition to your regular annual dues) electronically or put a check in the mail to the Club address.

No, you would not receive a refund. Your annual dues allow you to get your name badge and walk right in to all in-person or podcast meetings, whether or not you’ve already notified the Club of your attendance, as long as seats and food are still available. If you cannot attend a meeting, your annual dues payment is considered a contribution to the Club that further supports our mission and helps maintain the current dues structure.

Yes! If you are a Club member you may submit your question(s) to the Club Coordinator via email or phone prior to the meeting or you can ask a question during the Q&A portion of the program. For virtual presentations, a function to submit a question will be provided.

Yes! We are always soliciting new ideas on future speakers who will be of interest to our members. Please call or email the Club Coordinator, our Board Chair, our President, or any Club officer.

Go to the Speakers page on the website to see a list of our past speakers, arranged by subject or topic. In some cases we have video and audio recordings of their speeches, although that is mainly true for our more recent speakers.


Club meetings are typically held at the FSU Alumni Center, 1030 West Tennessee Street, Tallahassee. Free parking is available for all in-person meetings. If a meeting is held in a different location, members and guests will be notified in advance.

No. We strive to hold meetings on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays, but meetings are scheduled around a guest speaker’s availability. We endeavor to have a speaker at least once a month (sometimes more often) except in December, when we have our traditional Holiday Music and Sing-Along program.

The speaker portion of all meetings (virtual or in-person) lasts one hour. Lunch meetings begin at 12 noon and last until 1:00pm. In-person meetings are luncheons, and the buffet line opens at 11:30am. You may want to arrive early for any in-person meeting so you can greet other attendees, go through the buffet line, and find a seat in the meeting room.

Business and business casual is always appropriate, but we want our members to be comfortable. We understand and welcome members who will be coming to our meetings directly from their place of employment.

Yes. We ask our members to always let us know when they will be attending in person or participating in a virtual presentation. Confirming your attendance for an in-person meeting is very important to help us properly manage our food count. For virtual presentations, we wish to ensure that only members or their pre-registered guests are participating.

Our caterer is Andrews Catering for all in-person luncheons.


Yes! You can always bring one or more guests to an in-person meeting by simply noting their names on your RSVP confirmation and paying the required Guest Fee of $30 (see payment options below). You may also pay in cash or check at the registration desk the day of the event.

Yes! Please call or email the Club Coordinator and let us know that you’d like to attend as a guest. Please note that the current Guest Fee is $30 for any in-person meeting. You may also attend with a current member ,who would simply list you as a guest on their RSVP confirmation and pay the Guest Fee of $30. You can attend as a guest as often as you like, but we hope that eventually you choose to become a member of the Club.

Questions may be asked only by current Club members. If you are a guest, you can ask a member (they’ll have a nametag on) to ask a question for you.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Club Coordinator, the Club Chair, Club President, or any officer or Board member – they will have different colored ribbons attached to their name badges for easy identification.