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The Economic Club of Florida podcast provides an extended platform for discussion to educate, engage, and empower citizens on important economic, political, and social issues. Major topics include the economy, business, investment, politics, public policy, government, education, entrepreneurship, healthcare, defense, space, and sports. New podcast episodes are published monthly.

The opinions expressed on The Economic Club of Florida podcast are those of its guest speakers and members and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Economic Club of Florida.

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Florida Secretary of State Laurel Lee | June 23, 2020

“Election hacking is a constantly evolving and never ending threat…but clearly you can’t hack paper.” Florida Secretary of State Laurel Lee discusses election security and efforts to keep Florida’s voting systems safe from computer hackers, before a June 23, 2020 luncheon meeting of The Economic Club of Florida.

NTELX Found Rob Quartel | June 15, 2020

“Nationally all of us pay about four-cents more per gallon of gasoline because of the Jones Act, because of the restrictions it puts on food and oil around the U.S.” NTELX, Inc. founder Rob Quartel, a former U.S. Maritime Commissioner, discusses the state of the U.S maritime industry and the impact of the Jones Act…

Former Chief U.S. Labor Economist Harry Holzer | November 22, 2019

“A lot of American workers have been hurt by trends in the economy.  They tend to blame trade and immigration more than they should.” Former U.S. Department of Labor Chief Economist Dr. Harry Holzer discusses immigration and the U.S. labor market and the challenges ahead, before a November 22, 2019 luncheon meeting of The Economic…

Former U.S. Senator Mel Martinez | October 31, 2019

“There are currents that have been present in American history over time, but not always the best ones…nativism, protectionism, and isolationism.” Florida’s former U.S. Senator Mel Martinez discusses the United States’ place in the world, especially as it relates to trade, before an October 31, 2019 luncheon meeting of The Economic Club of Florida.

Knight Foundation’s Alberto Ibargüen | October 8, 2019

“We do not pretend we’re the mayor, we do not pretend we’re responsible for everything, and we also don’t pretend it’s our programs that matter.” Alberto Ibargüen, CEO of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation discusses its recent $300 million commitment to local news coverage, before an October 8, 2019 luncheon meeting of…