The Economic Club of Florida was established in 1977 and is today recognized as one of the South’s most important forums for distinguished speakers on issues of the day.

Our membership includes more than 350 of the Who’s Who of Florida’s capital city, including leaders from the halls of government, political strategists and the business savvy. From past Governors, Cabinet members and Supreme Court Justices to business owners, chairs and CEOs of companies and organizations, our membership covers those who are well-established and those who are the up-and-coming professionals in the political and business arenas.

At the Economic Club of Florida, we pride ourselves on the caliber of speakers that come from around the world to discuss important issues of the day. Our roster of speakers includes national and international figures, ranging from Presidential candidates and diplomats to leaders of business and finance. We have even had the privilege of featuring speakers, such as an astronaut who went to the moon, the owner of the New York Yankees and the Secretary General of the United Nations.

Our Board of Directors invites you to attend our next monthly luncheon meeting at the FSU Alumni Center and become a part of our well-established community of political and business professionals.